Upcoming Online/Offline  Batches for Physical And Chemical Sciences will start from 25th June 2023.Registration for these batches open now!

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Director's Desk | UGC POINT ACADEMY

UGC POINT ACADEMY has been started 10 years back keeping in mind CSIR Exam & the institute has succeeded in attaining the goal, the well known fact for all over INDIA

But we came to know that our Institute has strike the Bull’s eye while sitting with one of my friend in IIT Delhi Canteens met a group of last year M. Tech  Physical Science students who all were the pass out of UGC POINT ACADEMY. Our 10 Students were the students of last year physical science M. Tech batch of IIT Delhi. This was indeed a great achievement for Our Institutions & this reflects that we are successful in our efforts.

Our contrast vigilance on the past few years on CSIR-UGC/Gate examinations conducted countrywide had made us master that technique and art of yielding tremendous result popularity.

Different Professors from Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University & Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT) along with the UGC scholars have provided support to UGC POINT ACADEMY in forming a good result oriented  teaching faculty and in creating a up to the mark study materials. In the few years our students have achieved tremendous success and they have the Institute grow in its popularity, along with their own education, psychological and emotional growth.

In the previous year we have also said that UGC pass outs are almost in every Prestigious & Esteemed Institution faculty of INDIA.

Our students are in CSIR & GATE as well as IISc. TIFR, DRDO, BARC, JEST, ISRO and JNU-PhD.

That is why our students aim is just to pass CSIR Exam But to have three place in INDIA’s prestigious Institution where we all dream to be in.

This is the reason that we had revised the coursed curriculum for the Jan. batch who’s starting 5 Months is completely focused for CSIR June Exam. After that 40 Days are strictly focused for GATE where only emphasis is given for the practice & completion of the course.

After GATE Exam we only concentrate for the exams of Main Research Institute from where you aim for research.

In this 8 Month period we dedicatedly & sincerely Shape your abilities & reach you to achieve your goal.

UGC POINT ACADEMY stands head and shoulder above the rest because of its dedicated, highly motivated faculty and professional staff. Our results speak for themselves. Our faculty and students have thus help us achieving our dreams and we now aspire to fulfill the dreams of dreams of thousands of Post-Graduate, students who needs proper guidance to achieve success.

We will take you to the door of success. The success of our students is the measure of our success.

All the best for your Bright Future

New Delhi

   Our Motto: “Prove yourself by your work not by words”

Vision: To build a rich and intellectual potential embeded with sound knowledge, professional ethics and human values among the youth, research scholar and scientist by creating excellent human resource to serve the nation.

Mission:: Our mission is to provide unfailing commitment to develop a dense competitive environment with the main focus on application of concepts with accuracy giving maximum result at minimum attempts.